Parents/ Visitors are welcomed to discuss matters related to the Cadets performance, admissions etc with the Principal with prior appointment. They can, however, always send their suggestions in writing.

All Parents/ Visitors should meet the Principal after prior appointment to be arranged through P.A to Principal.

Visitors will be conducted to the office and will be allowed entry on a slip for the information of the Principal. The P.A to Principal will keep an appointment schedule.

Vehicles of the visitors will be parked in the Parking area and then will be called to the reception/visitors’ lobby, where they will contact P.A to Principal for their meeting with the Principal.

Visitors are not allowed to visit Rooms/ Dormitories/ Houses.

Visitors are requested to make it convenient to visit the College Authorities only on working days (Monday to Saturday) from 0900 hrs to 1500 hrs for official business.