Reception of New Entry

1. We wish to accord warm welcome to fresh arrivals and show due courtesy to parents and visitors. Arrival and Reception procedure is out lined as under: –

2. The fresh arrivals will be directed by the Gate Guard (after entering necessary details in the register) to park the car in the Parking area and the parents along with the Cadet will walk to the reception room, where the Duty Officer who will be keeping a list of all the reporting Cadets will receive them.

3. Duty Officer will collect the joining letter and direct the Duty Bearer to take the baggage etc of the Cadet to his designated House, while the admission formalities are completed by the Office Superintendent (OS) at Admn. Office.

4. After the admission formalities, the parents along with the Cadets will be conducted by the House Bearer to the Vice Principal/ Senior House Master who will designate House / Room, where all the belongings of the Cadet shall be arranged.

5. The House Master shall then interview the Cadets. The House Bearer will then lead the Cadet to the Barbershop.

6. Finally the parents will meet the Principal and would leave.