Leave Policy


The Head of the institution is authorized to regulate all Cadets leave and liberty. Leave and liberty are granted as rewards for excellence in academics, conduct and individual effort. These are considered to be earned privileges rather than the rights.


Regular leaves covers periods longer than overnight, such as Regular Vacations, Eid Break and Term Breaks etc., that are available to all Cadets. Such periods will be mentioned in the annual College Calendar, which lists details dates, times and conditions. It is understood that Cadet will travel to his home during this period unless he has parental/ guardian permission provided authority letter to the office.


Special Leave is an absence from the College during a scheduled school day. All requests for special leave should reach in writing at Cadet College Murree no later than one day proceeding the period requested. Special leave requires prior approval of the PRINCIPAL.


Emergency leave may be granted for the death of an immediate family member, serious injury or illness, or extreme hardship of the immediate family member. Requests for emergency leave must originate with a parent/ guardian of the Cadet, or their duly authorized representative and may only be made by a verified telephone call, followed by written request.


All medical appointments must be coordinated with College medical department and scheduled when possible in Murree Hills. If medical leave is granted, the Cadet must provide signed documentation from the physician upon the return to the College, otherwise he will be charged with an unexcused absence.


Cadets may request leave for an established religious holiday or holy day, or participation in a specific religious function with the recommendations of the Principal duly approved by the Director.


Liberty, a privilege, is the authorized absence of a Cadet from the College. It is limited in time and also to a specified geographical area. Liberty normally occurs on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Liberty is available at approved times to Cadets who are not in a duty status or restricted for disciplinary, academic or medical reasons.


Normal Liberty hours are as follows:

Saturday -Liberty normally commences at 1400 hrs and expires at 1800 hrs.

Sunday – Liberty normally commences at 1300 hrs and expires at 1800 hrs.


Cadets are encouraged to utilize the  Buddy System while on liberty whenever possible. Special attention is paid to  new Cadets to ensure they have a liberty partner when departing the College.


Overnight liberty will normally be granted on Saturday nights only. Cadets having parents/ guardians within 200 km of the College or those who have parents visiting a location within 200 km of the College may request overnight liberty. Written request for overnight liberty are required, and must reach the office of the PRINCIPAL by Friday in working hours. The College reserves the right to refuse permission to any request for reasons considered appropriate by the PRINCIPAL.


1. Special emphasis is laid on the punctuality of the Cadets, when they return to the College particularly after every holiday(s) / Vacation. Absence on account of illness is accepted if supported by a Medical Certificate from a qualified Medical Officer.

2. Parents are earnestly requested not to apply for leave during the term; parents should apply in writing to Principal at least a week before the leave is required. They are advised to schedule their family functions/marriages etc during vacation / holidays so that the academic schedule of Cadets is not disturbed.

3. Cadet who remains absent from the College without any information or prior approved leave for six consecutive days is liable to be struck off the College Rolls. Re-admission on fee Rs. 6000/- is charges in case they are allowed to rejoin the College, subject to approval of College council.

4. On the request of parents, Cadets are allowed to visit homes on long weekends only provided their performance in academics is satisfactory.