The Cadet College Murree undertakes the responsibility to provide financial assistance to the Cadet who loses his father/ guardian during the course of studies in the College, by exempting the full tuition fee. The Cadet however is required to pay other allied charges.

The COLLEGE provides the concessions to the sons/ wards of serving, retired personnel and SHUHDAS of the Pakistan armed forces by exempting 50% tuition fee.

The COLLEGE authorities encourage the outstanding Cadets who produce better results in the annual examinations. 100% fee concession in tuition fee will be granted to the Cadet who stands amongst the first three positions in the Board Examinations.


The College has its own Dispensary headed by a qualified Doctor, generally called Resident Medical Officer (RMO), assisted by his dispenser. The Cadet College Murree provides no health insurance coverage for the Cadets. Parents/ guardians must pay for all medical costs and facilities provided to their Cadet by the College as a part of their fee. The College has generally provided limited coverage for sports injuries caused by accidents or minor illness. The College dispensary is well equipped with FIRST AID and other medicines of emergency nature. However cases requiring specialized treatment are referred to Major Hospitals in the city for which Cadet College Murree is dependent on CMH and Govt. Hospitals in the town and the expenses so caused shall be paid by the Parents/ guardians. The College policy does not cover any expenses caused by major sickness or disease. Referring cases to major hospital are subject to the advice of the RMO. In order to avoid any worry and unnecessary botheration, information of only sick Cadets admitted in the Hospital is sent to the parents.


All possible efforts are taken for the safeguard of all the Cadets during their stay in the College Campus, during Games, PT, Drill and other activities. However, the College shall not be responsible for any kind of accident / mishap causing any physical harm or injury/ disablement to the Cadets.


A sum of Rs. 400/- and Rs. 300/- Per week per Cadets is recommended to be paid by the Parents to the Cadets of senior Classes (IX – XII) and Junior (VI – VIII) respectively through their respective HOUSE MASTERS / Wardens. Parents are requested not to give money direct to the Cadets


Cadets are only allowed to wear approved uniforms on College pattern as prescribed in the College Daily Routine. No private clothing is allowed in the College premises. Cadets are expected to be appropriately dressed in accordance with the College Daily Routine. The cost of the items of uniforms/ clothing and Books will be paid by the parents / guardians at the time of joining, however arrangements will be made by the College to provide the uniforms/ clothing items and Books to the Cadets from the College Tailoring/ Book shops.
(for lists, see enclosures)


The parents/ guardians may visit their sons/ wards only on Saturdays between 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs and from 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs on Sundays. In case of emergency parents may contact Principal/ Vice Principal who will pass the messages accordingly to the Cadets on the working days. The Cadets are not allowed to talk/ see their parents/ guardians on working days (Monday to Friday).


A tuck shop/ canteen is available in the College providing refreshments, necessary daily use items to the students on controlled rates. It also gives them a healthy breathing space during hectic daily routine.


The Cadet College Murree has its own transports; such as College Bus with the seating capacity of 60 – 66 Cadets that takes the Cadets to Army Grounds at Gharyal Camp in their games time house – wise on regular basis. Besides that it is also used for the educational/ recreational trips. Cadet College also provides the facility to drop the Cadets to the Islamabad airport on the day when vacation starts. College also have its own water tanker and a Pick Up and a staff Car for the administrative affairs.


The parents/ guardians must press upon their Cadet to ensure the care and safety of all his belongings and possessions. The Cadet College Murree accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of personal property.


Cadets who damage, destroy, or take any property connected with the Cadet College Murree will be charged the cost of the property or damage and be disciplined accordingly to the nature and degree of the offense. Any damages caused by Cadets are their financial responsibility.

The Cadet College Murree will periodically conduct room maintenance inspections. Any damage caused by a Cadet will be repaired at the expense of the Cadet. Final resolution of any disputes as to prior damage will be settled by referring to notations on the room inspection sheets filled out when the Cadet moves in and amended for any subsequent repairs.

Any charges for which individual Cadets responsibility is unidentifiable will be divided between Cadets in the room. Damages to common areas will be divided between Cadets known to have used those areas if the responsible ones are unidentified. No charges will be made for normal wear and tear