Academic System

Each academic year consists of three terms. Over the course of the term, Cadets grades are based on weekly test, monthly test and annual examination.
Given below are the scheduled academic TERMS:

a. Class V to X

i. First Term April to July
ii. Second Term August to November
iii. Third Term December to March

b. Class XI and XII

i. First Term August to November
ii. Second Term December to March
iii. Third Term April to July


Regular grades

A Excellent 90 = 100
B+ Very good 80 = 89
B Good 70 = 79
C+ Average 60 = 69
C Satisfactory 51 = 59
D Acceptable 40 = 50
F Fail Below 40


If a Cadet falls below 40% for two consecutive terms, the Cadet is placed on academic warning, which indicates that his performance is below the level required for successful completion of an academic year.


Islamiyat is taught as compulsory subject in all the classes. Besides this, the religious teacher is assigned to lead all the prayers in which the participation of the Cadets is mandatory. NAZRA QURAN is also a regular feature of the Daily Routine.