Inaugurated in August 2002, Cadet College Murree is an independent College, which provides training and education following military traditions and customs of the Pakistan Army. Cadet College Murree, governed by the Board of Directors, is a non profit, interdenominational institution, and is not an official activity of the Pakistan Armed Forces. It has been founded and organized by retired personals of armed forces who firmly believe that an education on the pattern of armed forces not only groom leadership but also produce disciplined and well educated youngsters.

The Pakistan armed forces are noted for their great esprit de corps, their determined pursuit of excellence, their development of strong leaders, their will to be second to none, and their belief that the exertion of maximum efforts is what makes champions. The Cadet College Murree is founded on these ideals and principles. The Cadet College Murree through its organization carries forward its program and under this program Cadets wear the modified forces uniform.

The guiding philosophy of the Cadet College is to provide a wholesome, patriotic and invigorating atmosphere in which Cadets are inspired toward maximum achievement. Cadets are developed toward the ideal of the  whole man  by carefully correlated academic, training and sports programs. The institution provides education and training, which prepare a young man for College/university and responsible citizenship in a free and competitive society.