Admission into various classes is subject to qualifying written Test from the subjects given below followed by an Interview and Medical Examination:


The Cadet College Murree offers the following courses:
i. Matriculation/ Secondary School Certificate (SSC Part-I & II)


In Cadet College Murree, the Fee is received term  wise. It has three academic terms; the fee is due before the start of the term. Students getting


Cadet College Murree established in 2001 being the most reputed institution in Pakistan, has very honorably given the name of its Cadets as HILLAINS


Cadet College Murree has the honour to put in its share in the national cause by imparting Quality Education to its Cadets



Cadet College Murree is established as an educational institute, aiming at excellence in education to benefit the community. Notwithstanding the educational and economical constraints, the college has set its inviolate goals to produce educated, motivated and spirited.



Our Objective

The main objective of the College is to prepare Cadets for Secondary and Intermediate Examination conducted by Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rawalpindi. In addition to this, we aim at providing quality education coupled with Islamic Ideology, traditions and culture to mould the young generation into true Muslims, patriotic citizens and effective leaders in all walks of life to shoulder the responsibilities with courage, credibility and confidence.



Our Mission

Cadet College Murree strives to be a world class institution visualizing to impart quality education to its Cadets on modern and scientific lines aiming to provide best possible all-round education, critical and analytical thinking and training to the students for comprehensive development of their personalities. Our mission is to develop a prosperous and progressive society.